Mediation & Coaching

Creating pathways through separation and divorce.

Helping families navigate the minefields, mystery, and magic of co-parenting through separation and divorce.

Mediation & Coaching Expert

Denise Banks-Wilson

Whether you're separating, divorcing, or never married, the journey towards a healthy coparent relationship can be challenging.   

Your separation or divorce can be one of the saddest experiences your child will ever know.  So they’re going to need your love and support now more than ever.  They’re going to need a cheerleader.

A successful coparent relationship requires a willingness to begin the journey into your future so you can help your children move forward into theirs.  And it’s going to require a plan.

So, let’s think about what you want your child’s life to look like going forward.  Let’s make some plans.  I will work with you to create a child friendly pathway towards their new normal, as well as guardrails to help keep your coparenting relationship on track.  This is what it really means to root for your kid!  Let’s Talk!

Mediation & Coaching

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Family Mediation

Mediation is a softer, gentler approach to establishing a parenting agreement. In mediation, you and your child's other parent can work out the details of your co-parenting arrangement - taking into consideration the needs and best interest of your children.

Premediation Coaching

Premediation Coaching is a one hour workshop designed to prepare you for your family mediation session.  We'll talk about formulating and making proposals and the four skills needed for successful mediation.

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Coparent Coaching

This series of workshops is designed to guide you through the transition from spouse/partner to coparent.  We’ll work together to define and explore the unique needs of your child in your coparenting relationship, as well as identify information and resources that will further support your continuing coparent relationship.