Brand New Clothes

The clothes I buy for my kids seem to never make it back to my house. Does anyone else have that problem? I’m at the point where I’m going to start sending them back in the same clothes, I picked them up in. Clean of course. Money is scarce and hate having to buy clothes and stuff every time they come over.

Hi Brandon, I’ve had parents write this clause in to their parenting agreements. The times when it’s necessary are unfortunate, but I get it.  I’d consider the age of the child – if old enuf to be teased by other kids for their appearance (school aged kids can be such bullies these days), I’d allow some of the newer (not most expensive) things to go with the child. After all, you want them to look nice (and have self-confidence) wherever they go.  I’d save the really nice things for your home – and when they’re out with you.

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