Mommy Greetings

YIKES!!! I’m feeling a little anxious…my soon-to-be-ex and our boys went to the movies and his girlfriend is bringing them home. I haven’t met her face to face yet, nor am I sure I want to just yet… anyway. I’m not sure if I should just stay in the house or go outside to greet them….ugh!! ~ Lindsey

Hey Lindsey!! Go greet your babies!! If that’s what they’re used to. Kids love to see your excitement to see them. You don’t get to be a different parent, just because dad brings some other person in their life. Heck! don’t just go out there…. let the kids see you greet her eagerly. Five years from now, they’ll remember how nice you were to dad’s friend. Everything that’s going on is a “teachable moment” or you and the kids. Just ask yourself… how do you want them to be able to describe this night… 5 years from now?