Denise Banks-Wilson

Divorce & Family Mediator, Co-Parent Coach

Denise Banks-Wilson headshot

Denise Banks-Wilson

Certified Divorce Coach, Co-Parent Coach, Divorce Mediator

Denise Banks-Wilson is the CEO of Family Journey Mediation, an agency devoted to helping families navigate the minefields, mystery, and magic of coparenting through separation and divorce.
As a family mediator, coparent educator and coach, Denise works with parents to design a parenting plan that looks and sounds like the goals and dreams they have for their children, while also reflecting the reality of the parent’s coparent relationship. As a parenting plan expert, she coaches families as they prepare for and move towards their post-divorce new normal.

Denise is a Certified Divorce Coach, Coparent Coach and Divorce Mediator. As such, she has worked with over 4500 parents. She is a Professional Blogger for DivorceMagazine and Divorceify, and has appeared on several podcast devoted to coparenting, including Stories of Divorce Resiliency, Mediation PODcast, Stronger Together and the Divorce and Coffee Chat.