Co-Parent Coaching

Learn Skills to improve communication & cooperation in your Co-Parenting relationship with our 4 week class.

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4 Weekly 1 Hour Sessions

Our most comprehensive solution for improving your co-parenting relationship.

The Complete Coaching Package

Are you ready to improve your co-parenting relationship and put your children first?  Our 4 week Complete Coaching Package will identify the unique challenges that you’re experiencing and develop the intentional strategies needed to communicate and co-parent effectively.

We’ll focus on critical elements that affect co-parents:

  • NParenting Styles
  • NEmotional Triggers
  • NCoaching Goals

Upon completion you’ll receive a Coaching Workbook that highlights what you’ve discussed and provides a comprehensive resource you can reference whenever you need.  And if you’d like additional support – Denise is just an email away!  Let’s get started on your journey today.

Co-Parent Coaching will empower you to develop strategies for handling the types of challenges that make it difficult to co-parent constructively and peacefully.  Get the support you need as co-parenting becomes your new normal.

  • 5Establishing healthy boundaries
  • 5Parenting Plan Help
  • 5Family Mediation Prep
  • 5Preparing & supporting your children
  • 5How parenting styles impact co-parenting
  • 5High-conflict co-parenting situations

Individual Coaching Sessions

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1 Hour

Parenting Plan How-To's

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1 Hour

Mediation Prep

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1 Hour


Co-Parent Coaching FAQs

Is my co-parent required to participate?

No, coaching, education and support is a one on one with a parent. Unlike mediation, there is no requirement that both parents be involved.

Are there a minimum number of sessions?

Coaching, education, and support includes both multi-session packages, as well as single sessions based on the topic/s you select.

Are sessions in-person or virtual?

Currently, all sessions are conducted via video or phone (if necessary).

Do you take insurance?

All sessions are private pay. Insurance is not accepted.

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Begin your mediation journey towards a healthy and productive co-parenting relationship that puts your child first.