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"One of the toughest challenges for divorcing parents is coming to an agreement on what their child’s life will look like going forward. “I’LL JUST LET THE JUDGE DECIDE!” is a common cry among the hurting, frustrated and angry. But, there is another option – Mediation allows YOU make the decisions about your child’s future and help you more quickly in to the next stage of your life. Let’s do the tough stuff. Let’s Talk!"

What is Family Mediation?

Mediation is a softer, gentler approach to establishing a parenting agreement. In mediation, you and your child's other parent can work out the details of your co-parenting arrangement - taking into consideration the needs and best interest of your children.

Why Choose Mediation?

You will make the decisions.  You, the individuals involved, are the ones who know your children and family best.

Spend your money wisely! Mediation is efficient and more affordable than an attorney.

Mediation can also help parents to resolve co-parenting differences more quickly.


The cost for mediation is $225 per hour (minimum of four hours required).  This fee includes:

  • Individual 30 minute Pre-Mediation session
  • One 3-hour mediation session
  • Preparation of Parenting Agreement
  • Up to 1 significant revision of the final agreement
  • All phone and email support

Mediation FAQ

Mediation sessions are conducted virtually.  These include video-conferencing (ZOOM) and phone conferencing.  Virtual mediation has the added benefit of being fast, efficient and effective.  The scheduling is more flexible, there's no need to come in to an office and it eases tension between parent who are experiencing conflict because it allows them to keep a distance while working on their parenting plan.   In-person mediation available at request.

Well... the mediation process is the same.  The goal of reaching an agreement doesn't change.  By choosing to meet by video-conference/phone conference, were making mediation more possible.

It's easier to schedule because we can meet from your living room, work or car... wherever you can get to a computer or phone.  And, for parents who find it difficult to be near each other, mediating online or by conference call makes it possible to maintain their distance while working on their parenting plan.  

Our sessions will focus exclusively on issues related to the children, such as parenting time, parental responsibility and decision-making.  To find out what your state requires click here.

Our work together will focus exclusively on creating a parenting plan.  Most parenting plans can be completed in one 3-hr session.  This number will depend, however, on the complexity and types of issues the parents want to address, as well as the degree of conflict between parents and their willingness to come to a resolution. 

Because mediators cannot give legal advice, it’s recommended that you have any agreement reviewed by an attorney before signing.

One of the advantages of mediation is that it is confidential*. The emotional and perhaps embarrassing issues discussed will be kept private, as opposed to a trial where all of the proceedings are part of the public record. This is especially important when the mediation concerns children. *With few exceptions concerning the health and safety of parties involved.

Agreements reached during mediation are not binding until they are approved by the court.

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