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Helping families navigate the minefields, mystery, and magic of co-parenting.


Beginning the Journey

"A successful coparent relationship requires a willingness to begin the journey into your future, so your child can move forward into theirs. The breakup of the family can be difficult for your child, and they're going to need a cheerleader.
I’ll help you design a parenting plan that creates a child centered pathway towards their new normal and offer coparent coaching to support you on the journey.
So, let’s get started. Let’s think about what you want your child’s future to look like and how we can ease their way. Let’s make a plan. This is what it really means to root for your kid!"

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Mediation & Coaching Services


Family Mediation

Mediation is a softer, gentler approach to establishing a parenting agreement. In mediation, you and your child's other parent can work out the details of your co-parenting arrangement - taking into consideration the needs and best interest of your children.


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Coping Skills

Your child’s co-parenting Rule #12:  Do all you can to teach me coping skills.  They are my self-protection from the stress, anger and anxiety of the divorce.  Josh was in my 2013 class – some time near the Christmas holiday.  He was quiet until conversation about how difficult it was to remember specific argument.  None. …


You’re Child’s “I Remember When” Moments

I typically begin my positive co-parenting class by saying: Divorce can be one of the most traumatic experiences a child will have… Ask yourself, what do you want your child to be able to say about your divorce five years from now?” I use this question to challenge parents to be mindful of how their…


Getting Started

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