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Mediation services for creating Parenting Plans and strengthening Co-Parent relationships using the “Peaceful Journey” method.

Helping parents navigate divorce and co-parenting relationships for over 20 years.

Our Services

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Family Mediation

Our mediation is a softer, gentler approach for establishing a Parenting Plan.  In mediation, you and your child’s other parent will work out the details of your co-parenting plan – taking into consideration the needs and best interest of your children.

Co-parent Coaching

Through a series of one-on-one sessions we will establish your Action Plan to set  boundaries for navigating the challenges of co-parenting.  Grow and support your child’s Peaceful Journey into their new normal.

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Parenting Workshops

Are you located in the Charlotte, North Carolina region?  Join us for informal workshops on a variety of topics related to raising children while co-parenting.

how to get started

Use our convenient and easy calendar system to request a consultation chat with Denise.

Speak directly with Denise to define your needs and goals for mediation and identify the best course of action.

Begin your mediation journey towards a healthy and productive co-parenting relationship that puts your child first.

Working With Denise

My simple belief is that your family issues don’t belong in family court – they belong at the kitchen table. 

Let’s navigate the minefield, mystery, and magic of co-parenting because your kids deserve a quirky, curious, and peaceful childhood. 

Think about what you want your child’s future to look like and we can make a plan to guide their way. This is what it really means to root for your child!

Denise Banks-Wilson

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the parenting plan

The goal of mediation is for co-parents to agree upon a formal Parenting Plan that gives them a blueprint for decision-making regarding their children.  A Parenting Plan is a legal, binding document.  You do not need a lawyer to create a Parenting Plan and will save both time and money by using our professional mediation services to come to an agreement.

educational resources

Prepare more thoroughly for your mediation sessions or learn tips and strategies for your co-parenting relationship with our Educational Resources.  These informative worksheets are included in our mediation services and are available at a discounted rate for our email subscribers.

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